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The Melt Down

I just finished this really fun project. Several months ago I was contacted by the coordinator for "The Melt Down" at YCAP. This is a fundraiser that gets dozens of restaurants to make special grilled cheese sandwiches for the month of February. A portion of the sales goes to Yamhill Community Action Partnership to support the food bank. I was asked to make something that could be given away as a prize for those who purchased sandwiches and shared on social media. Not only do these cookies look awesome, but they taste just as good.

I was given free rein on whatever I wanted to do. I wanted to challenge myself and try new things. A simple cookie just would not do. I started by enlisting my husband to create cookie cutters that matched the logo. Using a 3D printer he custom made cutters of the cheese and the toast. Normally my sugar cookies are 3/8" thick. I knew that stacking two of these cookies would be too thick, so I made them 1/4" thick. The toast has "The Melt Down" meticulously piped directly onto the cookie that is already decorated with two colors. The bottom layer is piped with two colors as well. Then while the "cheese" is still wet the top cookie is placed on top to create the final look.

Cookie with the custom 3D cutters.

I truly love this fundraiser. While it is directed at helping a great organization that supports and sustains vulnerable portions of our community. It also helps local restaurants and businesses in what is normally a low sales month. Even better is the social media machine that is put into effect the whole time it is running. Prizes are given to those that post the sandwich they just purchased and to those who order a certain number of sandwiches. This year there are 68 businesses and restaurants participating in an event that will touch the lives of hundreds. To learn more about YCAP, go to their website HERE.

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