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s'mores cupcakes

There is something about toasted marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate that take you a memorable place.  Whether it be camping with family, summer camp or just the fire pit in the backyard, there is just something to love about S'mores.  I have two options to fulfill your S'mores cravings.  Each one provides the flavor and the potential for messy fingers and face.

s'mores sandwich cookies

The S'mores cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes with a graham cracker base.  The cupcake is then filled with a gooey chocolate ganache.  Then it is all topped off with a dome of homemade marshmallow that is toasted to perfection. 

The S'mores sandwich cookies are made from two soft-baked honey graham cookies.  In between is a rich chocolate ganache and a sticky homemade toasted marshmallow.  At room temperature the marshmallow is firm, but if you choose, a few seconds in a microwave can bring on the gooey goodness.

s'mores sandwich cookies

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