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New OBJ Website

New Look: The whole site has been re-created to look better and work faster. So far everyone who has used it has told us that it is much easier to use and to find what you want. Probably the two biggest visual changes are the menu bar at the top and much BIGGER images.

Home Page: This page will have a featured image, the top products from the store then the most recent blog posts.

Blog: All of the blog posts have been transferred to the new site. Unfortunately, the view counts were not able to transfer over. Some of the most popular blogs were

You can now easily comment on blog posts, share photos as well as mark some as your favorite. We hope that everyone will feel inclined to leave comments on their favorite blogs that feature their favorite products or services.

Custom Cookies: This page currently has a lot of the custom cookie photos One Baker’s Journey has done in the last year. Soon there will be more information about ordering your own custom cookies or products. For now, feel free to send us an email if you are interested..

Order: This was the primary reason for the change. Placing an order with One Baker’s Journey is now just like ordering online with one key difference. You don’t pay for your order in the cart. Here is the process:

  • Place the items you want in your cart.

  • If you are new to this site you will need to create an account (we don’t share information)

  • If you are returning simply login.

  • When you go to checkout there will be a “notes” section. Please indicate here when you would prefer to pick up your order.

  • The first time through you will need to put in your address (sorry I couldn’t remove this aspect of the process). For your next order, this will automatically be filled in.

  • Once submitted the baker will check the order and confirm the pickup date and time.

  • The baker will send you a PayPal invoice for payment or you can arrange cash payment.

  • Pick up your order on the agreed-upon date.

We hope that more features will be available as time goes on. At the very least this makes ordering from One Baker’s Journey much easier and lets you see all the products that are available.

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