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March 2017 Menu

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

March means Spring is coming, but at our house, we also have two birthdays, mine and my daughters. To celebrate my daughter’s birthday, I came up with the mocha cupcake. She loves anything coffee and this cupcake is loaded with coffee flavor. From the cupcake to the ganache filling, to the buttercream frosting and then topped off with chocolate covered espresso beans. If you love coffee you don’t want to miss out on this treat.

St. Patrick’s Day is also in March. If you’re going to a St. Patrick’s Day party this year or just want something special to celebrate the occasion, I have Mint Chip Chocolate Cupcakes and Frosted Sugar Cookies available for order. The frosting on the Frosted Soft Sugar Cookies can be changed to green and both can have St. Patrick’s themed sprinkles added. (St Patrick's day orders must be placed before March 14th)

As always, if you have a craving for something on any of the previous menus, please feel free to ask. Some items are seasonal, but I will be happy to accommodate when I can.  Make sure you check out our blog and social media accounts for photos of all the treats on this months menu.

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