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Hot Cocoa Bombs

Whoever said not to play with their food, never had a hot cocoa bomb. Simply put the bomb at the bottom of a mug, add 8-10 ounces of steaming hot milk and watch some magic. The hot milk will slowly melt the outer chocolate shell causing it to open and expose hot cocoa mix and any other goodies inside. Stir it up and you have a rich specialty cup of hot chocolate. My bombs are truly homemade. There are no store-bought mixes, only premium ingredients are used and every bomb is hand-made, and packaged.

Halloween Pre-Order Bombs

In the home baker world, there are trends that can take over. 2020 saw the hot cocoa bombs enter the market heavily. It seemed like everyone was offering these fun treats. I felt no need to jump in and hastily put together a product. I sat out the craziness, did my research, tried equipment, and of course, taste testing. If I am going to offer a product, I want it to be the best I can make, at the best price for my customers. I ended up testing my cocoa bombs over the summer. There is just something about taste testing hot chocolate when it is 90 degrees outside.

Special HCB for Elf Pre-Order
Special HCB for Elf Pre-Order

I found that other products on the market were off-the-shelf mix in a basic candy melt shell. I know my customers expect more from me. I started by testing shell chocolates. I worked with over a dozen brands, creating bombs, melting bombs and of course tasting bombs. It wasn't until I finalized the shell chocolates that I began to make my mix. Each bomb flavor has a unique mix. There are different ratios of ingredients, some get extra chocolate or other ingredients that add flavor or adjust the creaminess of the end product. This makes for a great product but does add a lot of production work.

I hope to have plenty for those who want them. However, each customer will be limited to ensure there is enough for everyone. If you are looking for a large quantity for gifts, or a big party, please contact me to see what we can arrange.

Demonstration video of the Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa Bomb for the Halloween Pre-Order

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