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Frosted Soft Sugar Cookie

frosted soft sugar cookies

Not many companies can create something that becomes so recognizable that when you say the brand you know what is being talked about.  Since 1994 the Lofthouse brand has become a noun.  The soft pillowy sugar cookie with soft sweet icing and sprinkles became so popular, many grocery stores now have their own generic brands that are sold side by side.

Myself, I develop a craving for the soft, sweet, texture of these cookies.  As a curious baker, I just had to see if I could make a tribute to this cookie, but still make it my own.  The texture balanced with the flavor was the most challenging to accomplish. To have the cookie so it has amazing flavor yet is light and airy.  So soft and airy that you can manage to eat another, and another.

The cookies I make are a little larger and have a bit more frosting than the "traditional," but I feel pack a bit more flavor.  When you order you can specify the color of frosting and the sprinkles.  These cookies are available both regular and gluten-free versions.

frosted soft sugar cookies

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