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Custom Football Cookie Cakes

chocolate chip cookie cake with custom football sugar cookies

Its football season and time for parties, tailgating and rooting for your team.  One Baker's Journey is offering a way you can show your support and also have an amazing treat at the same time.

Two different sizes of Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes are available in your team colors.  The 8" cake can feed 8-16 people, the 12" cake can feed 16-32 people.  Each cake is decorated with the color of buttercream of your choosing.  But do keep in mind that dark colors will color your mouth.

To make it better you can add custom decorated cookies to the cakes; footballs, 50-yard lines and Jerseys with your team's colors and a number of your choosing.  The 8" cake comes with 5 cookies, and the 12" comes with 7.

To take it up another level order an extra dozen or two of the decorated sugar cookies to make sure the treats last past half time.

Follow this link to see pricing and to place an order.

Click here for a cutting guide for both the 8" and 12" cake.

chocolate chip cookie cake with custom football sugar cookies

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