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Cookie Butter Blondie

cookie butter blondie, biscoff

Biscoff cookies, made by Lotus, have become a holiday favorite in many homes.  However for nearly 30 years, Americans were only able to enjoy these warmly spiced, buttery, and wheat cookies in the air.  Delta Airlines was first to bring this cookie to the US and was the only "carrier."  In Europe, these cookies are commonly known as Spookaloos.  In 2010 a contest winner in Belgium successfully turned the cookie into a spread which is called cookie butter.

These blondies are made from a very similar blend of spices and flours to create a warm, buttery, graham blondie.  Cookie butter is blended into the mix to create pockets of gooey sweetness.  Finally, each brownie is topped with two Biscoff cookies.  The crunchy cookies, on top of a soft blondie with sticky sweet cookie butter makes for a treat worth the calories.

cookie butter blondie, biscoff

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